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1. Use 12-point font size 

  2. Times or Times New Roman font style 

 All assignments headings should include the following info in a heading at the top of the page (aligned left): 

   a. Your name 

   b. My name 

   c. The date 

   d. Essay type 

   e. Word Count 

   f. Title (centered) 


-All essays require an MLA Works Cited page. If you forget to create a Works Cited page, do not email me separately with a Works Cited page attached to the email. 

Fiction essay responses (One full-length essay (750-850 words)


Fiction Analysis Essay

Write an essay of 750-850 words in which you identify how the author of one of the assigned short stories uses three specific literary devices in order to convey his or her theme (or themes).

To help you, I am providing a sample thesis statement, which you are free to use, although it is not required.


Sample Thesis Statement:

In (Author’s Name)___’s short story, (Title)___, he/she uses (literary device 1)__, (literary device 2)___, and (literary device 3)___ in order to convey the theme(s) of (theme(s) of the story)__.


Of course, this provides you with the opportunity to focus on each literary device chosen in each of your three body paragraphs. 

So, your essay will look something like this:

I. Intro…

   Thesis Statement (final sentence of your Intro paragraph)

II. Body Paragraph 1 (discuss how 1st chosen literary device helps convey theme)

III. Body Paragraph 2 (discuss how 2nd chosen literary device helps convey theme)

IV. Body Paragraph 3 (discuss how 3rd chosen literary device helps convey theme)

V. Conclusion

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