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Week 2 Final Project Milestone

Assignment: Final Project Milestone

For your Final Project, you will write a first-person narrative essay that is similar in tone and style to the types of essays featured in the Muller text. To help you organize your thoughts for the essay, the Weeks 2–4 Final Project Milestone assignments contribute to the Final Project and will be graded.

To prepare:

•Read as many essays from different sections of the assigned text as you are able. 

•Choose any two essays that seem to address the same issue—but from two different perspectives. 

The assignment:

Write 2 to 3 paragraphs in which you: 

•Compare and contrast these two essays by answering the following questions: 

•Which two articles have you chosen to compare and contrast? 

•What global issue do you feel these two articles address? 

•From what perspectives do these two articles approach the issue (economics, social, cultural, historical, political)?

•In what ways are these articles different?

•In what ways are these articles the same?



Week 2 Required ReadingsResources

  • Muller, G. H. (2014). The new world reader: Thinking and writing about the global community (4th ed.). Boston, MA:  Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.
    • Photo insert found between pages 32–33: “Culture or Conflict? Images of Globalization”
    • Chapter 4, “Speaking in Tongues: Does Language Unify or Divide Us?” (pp. 99–115)
    • Chapter 5, “Global Relationships: Are Sex and Gender Roles Changing?” (pp. 138–167)
    • Photo insert found after page 288: “Is Beauty Universal? Global Body Images”



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