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As we are concluding this course, I would like you to finish by writing a recommendation report.  Recommendation reports are informal analytical reports (see chapter 20 of the textbook, “Informal Reports”). You completed an informal informational report for the Mid-term.

Unlike formal reports, discussed in Chapter 21, short reports do not contain title pages, tables of content, glossaries, works cited pages, or indexes. They are brief, informative, and visual. See Figure 20.7 on page 486 of our textbook for an example of a recommendation report.  

Remember the two types of informal reports from the mid-term?

  1. Informational Reports contain straight information and provide short timely updates. Informational reports include these sub-genres: progress report (summarize specific accomplishments on a particular project), activity report (summarize general activities during a particular period). Trip reports and meeting minutes also fall under informational reports. You wrote either a progress or an activity report for your mid-term. 
  2. Analytical Reports include information but they also include interpretations and conclusions based on that information. According to our textbook, “Analysis is the heart of technical communication. Analysis involves evaluating information, interpreting it accurately, drawing valid conclusions, and making persuasive recommendations” (2017, pp. 473). Analytical reports include these sub-genres: feasibility report, recommendation report, peer review report, justification report.  You will write a recommendation report (in the format of a Memorandum) for your final report. 

Recommendation reports are very like proposals. You are writing to persuade a person, group, or entity to accept your idea for change. Recommendation Reports take the form of an attached Memorandum. DELIVERABLEDraft Recommendation Report.  


To practice communicating your ideas on a given project (your recommendation for a change in this course).  


Using the information in Chapter 20, “Informal Reports”, draft a brief (1-2 page) report to be attached and sent via email and uploaded to BlackBoard. The report should take the form of a Memorandum (see Figure 20.7). Your report must resemble the example in the textbook complete with headings, subheadings, bold and/or increased font. In other words, it must be a professional report and not just a few sentences or paragraphs slapped on a page. 


  • Did you run into a problem or issue in this course? What was that problem/issue? Must be specific (cannot be general). State the specific problem/issue in writing. At what point in the class did it occur? Be specific. Did it occur in the orientation (at the point of completing the introductory discussion board or while completing one of the self-assessments), in Unit 3 (during your research of the instruction set), etc? 
  • Did you find that one of the assignments was not beneficial to the goals of this course? Which assignment? Where was it located? Why or how was it not important to the course goals? Be specific. Write it down.
  • Did you find that an assignment that would have been helpful in meeting the goals in this course was not included? What is the assignment? How would it be more beneficial to students? 

The boxes on page 485 of your textbook contain some excellent guidelines for drafting reports of this nature. You are always encouraged to research valid and professional websites for examples. Templates are not typically a good idea because you cannot easily edit them to meet your needs.


I am mainly looking for inclusions here: What did you include? Was it sufficient for me to make a determination of whether or not the issue was important enough to make a course correction? Was your suggestion to include or delete an item from the course sufficient enough to warrant an assignment correction?  Here is a list of things I am looking for: 

  • You suggestion has been thoughtfully/critically analyzed by you and is a genuinely valid suggestion and not just one arrived at through your intense emotion or dislike for the course or an assignment. 
  • It is based on a real problem you have encountered
  • Explains specifically when/how you encountered the problem and what happened as a result of the encounter/problem
  • Includes a valid suggestion for correcting or solving the issue
  • Includes all guidelines suggested on page 485 of the textbook (there are only 6). Note: there is a fine line between an “authoritative tone” (guideline 4) and utter rudeness. Find that sweet spot and avoid the latter. 

Other items I am interested in:

  • Is it well organized according to the example on page 484 of the textbook
  • Does it include all necessary subheading sections (these sections are based on your specific subject and not those in the example because the subjects are not the same)
  • It is visually constructed for optimum readability
  • Has it been proofread for grammatical errors

This is an informal report; however, it still needs to meet professional standards.


         1. EMAIL


You will submit this report twice: 

  1. Attach the Recommendation Report to an email and using the “Email Instructor” button in Black Board send the email with your recommendation report attached 
  2. Upload the Recommendation Report to the correct BlackBoard dropbox 

Using Email: Longer, or more involved, reports take the form of an attached memorandum.

Post to Black Board: You will also upload the memorandum report to the Black Board portal located in the Deliverables module as verification of completing the assignment and as a placeholder for a grade. 

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