Finance plan | Business & Finance homework help


Financial Section (Ass. 5 – week 6)

Funds required and their sources for startup

Income statement template

Balance sheet

Cash flow statement

Year 1 profit and loss statement

Years 1-3 profit/loss statement (summary)

Breakeven template

Spreadsheets required – save these as PDFs and insert them into your paper. Each chart needs an introductory para and explanations. These templates can be found in the Course Info tab and/or go to (search business plan templates). 

If you find that your business is not financially viable, it’s okay to go back and change your initial assumptions (reduce costs, headcount, increase sales assumptions, etc.) Be sure to make all the changes throughout the paper so that the “threads” are consistent.

Every spreadsheet needs discussion – key takeaways. Every item needs assumptions based on research cited.

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