Follow the file that i posted

ou will give a 10 minute presentation about your primary source. You will cover:

Begin by very briefly (1-2) min. explaining why this topic is important in the wider world. For example, The Terminator shapes/gives us insight into attitudes about AI.

Then move into what you find interesting/strange/revealing about your project

Summarize what other critics (your secondary sources) have said about your topic (think back to the opening paragraphs of the Jane Eyre essay and work off of your lit review.

Explain how your research paper makes an original claim about the topic

Include a slide with your thesis

Discuss any questions/concerns about your thesis, how your claims are different from those of the critics, things of that nature. Your classmates will write their responses.



It will be helpful for you and your audience to do this on ppt. Have main ideas on the slides as well as specific questions you have so that students can write their responses to them.


The course theme is character identity and personhood


My topic is how did character identity and personhood effect man’s future and behavior

 I will upload the article you may need to use 

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