For natural science guru final essay exam

The Final Exam consists of 4 questions taken from Modules 5-8. Each essay should be 250-500 words. The Final Examination will be completed during Module 8 and is worth 15% of your overall course grade.

Be sure to submit your essay exam in one WORD document using APA Style and place it in the appropriate assignment dropbox.

Respond to FOUR of the following SIX questions:

  • Drawing on Module 5, explain Degher and Hughes “Identity Change Process” (p. 266). Use a concrete example to illustrate how this change in identity takes place (note: do not use the example from the chapter of “fat” identity). Discuss whether or not you accept their model of how this happens; do you think this happens in another way? Explain.
  • Drawing on Module 5, describe and explain conforming behavior, primary deviance, and secondary deviance. Give a real-life example of each type of deviance (note: do not use the example of eating disorders).  Select an example from your own observation or from one of the many videos we have viewed in the second half of this course.
  • Drawing on Module 6, define and discuss the concept of “deviance.”  Discuss how cyber communities have impacted many of these formerly “loner” forms of deviant behavior. Find an example of an online community that provides “deviant” support for those who would otherwise be engaging in a loner form of deviance. Do you think these communities have a positive or negative impact on the deviants you are describing? Explain.
  • Drawing on Module 7, define the three kinds of deviant acts. Provide examples of each of the three types of deviant acts. For each type, provide the goal and structure of the act. Are there some acts that fall into more than one of these categories? Explain.
  • Reflect back on Chapter 43, Chapter 47 and the podcast, “Pimp Anthropology.” Compare and contrast the experiences of the women in these texts. What do they all have in common? What is different about their experiences? How do the relationships between the men and women from Chapter 43 compare with those from Chapter 45 and the podcast?
  • Drawing on Module 8, define and explain the concept of a “deviant career.”  Provide a real-life or hypothetical example of a deviant career, and follow this example through each of the five stages. Does your example represent a deviant career that is easy or difficult to get into? Is it easy or difficult to exit? Explain.

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