For science prodigy – course project: voip research paper


Course Project: VoIP Research Paper


The final project is due on July 18, 2014 and should be a minimum of 11 pages in length with a minimum of 6 verifiable sources.  Website links and access to all resources are required as I will verify the material and subject matter.


The 1 to 2 pages utilized for the introduction are requested by July 13th as a review of the material being covered.



Be sure to include a cover page along with a reference page — these should not be included in the page count. The paper is to be double-spaced with 12 size font.

I will pay a sum of $100 for quality work that is not plagiarized. If it is determined the work is plagiarized I will seek a refund.



Write a term paper in which you introduce the issue, define the problem, research the literature, analyze the problem, offer possible solutions, propose a single solution, develop an implementation plan, and justify why/how your solution will solve the identified problem.


Two Suggested resources – Because I know they offer both Cloud Based and equipment based Business Solutions are Windstream and Shoretel



Provide a VoIP Solution

You are a consultant tasked with addressing a business problem to solve.  You must analyze the options available to your client and recommend a VoIP solution.  The client currently utilizes a legacy PBX system that is costly and limits their ability to implement a desired Call Center from their corporate offices to the 25 remote plants. 

There Corporate Network is maintained through an MPLS infrastructure and they are interested in a cost saving VoIP solution and prefer it to be a cloud based solution that will provide 

1.  VoIP phones for all staff members 

 2.  Launch a New Call Center with call routing options for after hours and auto attendant 

3.       Voice mail

4.       Cost reduction.


Paper Content Must include:

IntroductionProvide a complete description of the topic, and identify the specific IP Telephony/VoIP issues. In this section, spend time defining and describing your project and present background/facts that will enable the reader to clearly understand the topic.  1 to 2 pages

Problem Statement –The project’s problem statement should be the driving force behind the project. It should include the purpose or specific result expected from the project and achieved through the project objectives and activities. It should include the criteria against which everything done on the project is measured. A good problem statement is specific, measurable, and realistic. 1 to 2 pages

Analysis –  A significant section of the project is providing a detailed description of the causes of the problem/issue(s) that you have defined in the Problem Statement section. Be sure the causes you identify relate directly to the problem/issue. Integrate your findings from your review of the literature and references in your analysis. Discuss the concepts, ideas, or insights that are most valuable in helping you make sense of your project. 3 to 4 pages

Recommended Solution

Explore the solution(s) that could be appropriate to solve the identified problem/issue(s). Be sure the solution(s) is/are logical based on your analysis and that the solution(s) would effectively treat the problems, not the symptoms.

Also, discuss and compare a Cloud based VoIP solution to that of installing new VoIP equipment that would replace the existing PBX.  Address why a cloud remotely managed VoIP solution may be better or if a new VoIP system that is not managed by an outside vendor better?

Also, discuss the anticipated outcomes (both positive and negative) of implementing each of the possible solution(s) you identified. Describe exactly what should be done and how it should be done, including by whom, with whom, and in what sequence. 2 to 3 Pages

Implementation Plan

Your implementation plan should include any recommendations you may have for the manager, a high level timeline, and identify any risks. This section should also contain a fallback plan if the proposed implementation should fail. 1 to 2 pages


Reference Page




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