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Remember back in the first week when you wrote about a time where the road not taken made a difference?

We’re back to the personal.  Write a response to the memoir, and the video clips, in which you examine Alison (all three Alisons as in the musical version)  and relate how she, a girl interrupted, found her own road.   Don’t retell the story.  Instead write about the subtext – what’s below the surface – in the memoir.   You will have to examine her relationship with her father, for that is crucial to who she is today.   Most stories like this are either father/son or mother/daughter, but Fun Home is unique in it being a father/daughter story.  

Does she achieve closure in her relationship with her father?  If so, how?  If not, why not?   What does she do to get what she wants?   THREE FULL PAGES.  MLA


Here are the video clips.  0 plagiarism:



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