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I have a total of 4 questions that needs to be answered all should be 150 words each. Must use original work and must use in text citation (APA).

This is due within 12 hours!

1. The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) requires IEP teams to consider the effect of a given disability on a child’s performance and identify each child’s unique strengths, preferences, interests, and needs to develop specially designed instruction. This is what makes special education different from providing general accommodations. Review the “Special Education” and the “Section 300.39 Special Education” study materials and describe the three major components that IDEA requires teams to include in the IEP to adequately address specially designed instruction. Explain why you think the law requires teams to explicitly describe specially designed instruction that is different from the instruction provided to all students. In replies to peers, support or refute the ideas presented using the topic materials, your own research, and specific, real-world examples.

2.Who makes up the IEP team and is required to be on the team? Why do you think the general education teacher is so important to the team?

3. Once a student meets the requirements for eligibility for services, special education teachers use the characteristics and best practices defined by research and the results of the evaluation and informal measures to plan specially designed instruction. Specially designed instruction may include changes to the content that will be taught, changes to the methodology or instructional strategies used to support the student, and changes to the delivery of instruction. Explain how understanding the characteristics of disability eligibility categories can assist teachers in planning specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of students. Include a real-world example to support your ideas. In replies to peers provide and discuss additional examples that support the ideas presented. 

4. There is a huge push to inclusion for all students. This means we will be seeing more students with disabilities in the general education classroom. Why do you think it is so important to have a copy of the IEP for your student(s) in your general education classroom setting? 

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