Green practices for rl: | Literature homework help

Green Practices for RL -Returns, Disposal, Recycling, Transportation, and Environmentally Sound Policy and Regulations 

This week we will change things up on our discussion on Green Practices for RL:

Taking into account the below items – each student will develop 3 questions and answer them using critical thinking practices, research, and experience as they relate to Reverse: only 250 words needed

  • Returns, 
  • Disposal, 
  • Recycling, 
  • Transportation, 
  • Environmentally Sound Policy and Regulations,
  • Economic and business factors, 
  • Environmental factors, 
  • Social factors

Critical Thinking: For this course, analysis and critical thought is expected. However, I do realize that in some of the undergraduate courses that you may have taken prior, this was not an expectation. So what does this really mean?

Analysis or critical thought is taking the concept, applying it to an organization or idea, looking at the implications (so what does this really mean and what are the comparative and contrasting views in the literature), and then drawing conclusions based on the research. It is not summarizing the research or just citing it. It is not just rendering an opinion either. This is where some get confused.

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