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Explain the importance of the 29 CFR Hazard Communication Standard, a requirement

for an MSDS to an organizations Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) programs and


 Week 3: Term Project Part 1 – Outline

First, you will need to select a topic related to the class.

Recommended Topics:

Compare and contrast and integrate environmental regulations that impact on organizational plans to dispose of unused or waste materials.

Describe modalities related to sustainment of materials recovered from waste management programs

Identify areas of specific concern related to the packaging and protection of finished goods throughout their life cycle, and those material’s impact on waste streams.

Evaluate the direct and indirect impact of reverse logistics operations on the local and regional and world environment.

Define, describe and detail out the competitive advantages of green practices for individuals, companies or governments.

Second, write an outline of your research topic JOURNAL. This outline can follow the following format as far as section headings. But you do not have to follow it. You can add more sections. But there must be at least four sections highlighted by * and section titles.

 Include at least 100 words per section that you use.




Literature Review




Future Research Recommendation 

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