Homework 22 | Psychology homework help


You must include the following in your homework:

  1. Choose a Social Service Agency which serves the poor and/or underprivileged populations (These organizations can be mental health organizations, agencies which serve the elderly, children, etc.)
  2. Who does the organization serve? What populations? The elderly, youth, LGBTQ, etc.
  3. What is the purpose of the organization? What types of services are provided?
  4. When are services offered? Does the organization provide services 24 hours? Weekends? Etc.
  5. Where is the organization located? Are there multiple locations? Is it a national or state organization?
  6. How does the organization reach the desired population? How are services provided? Are there licensed professionals? Is there collaboration between the organization with schools or the court system? Etc.
  7. You must include why you chose this particular organization.


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