How do functional tactic differ from corporate and business

please below are the rest of the questions  with the instructions 


(1)How do functional tactic differ from corporate and business strategies?

(2) Illustrate a policy, an objective, and a functional tactic in your personal career strategy.

(3) Why are short-term objectives needed when long-term objectives are already available?

(4)  Select a company you have worked for or research one in the business press that uses one of these traditional structures. How well suited is the structure to the needs and strategy of the organization? What seems to work well, and what doesn’t?

(5) How would you use one or more of the ways to improve traditional structure to improve the company you last worked in? Explain what might result.

(6) What situation have you personally seen outsourcing benefit?


Please Make sure you use adequate, credible and reliable APA source citations to support your work. 

**Minimum word count 750 words**   NEED ASSIGNMENT BY  FEB 15, 2013 THANK YOU

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