How Effective Are The Political Structures Set Up By The Constitution In Dealing With Contemporary Problems

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  1. How effective are the political structures set up by the Constitution in dealing with contemporary problems?

  1. You will need to complete the list below for your analysis.
  • Select one of the following topics:
    1. The Affordable Care Act;
    2. Same-sex marriage;
    3. Equal pay for women;
    4. Immigration; or
    5. Gun control.
  • Summarize the roles, powers, and operation of the three main branches of government.
  • Explain how each of the three branches of government has played a part in addressing your topic, with particular attention to our class discussion/readings on Separation of Powers as well as Checks and Balances.
  • What are some ways that our system of government “works” to address your issue?
  • What are some ways that our system of government does not “work” to address your issue?

Your task is to write a concise, thoughtful paper that critically analyzes the above questions/points. (You must answer all questions/address all points.

Please provide substantive analysis and give examples to support your claims. You should use the course readings in your analysis. Include at least three citations to the course readings.

Your paper should be typed and 750 to 1,250 words in length. As always, you are required to use Chicago Style, MLA, or APA source citations for your paper.

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