Human sexualty question | English homework help



1.) What are your feelings and thoughts about legalized marriage for nonheterosexual couples, and why do you think you have these specific feelings and thoughts? Explain in detail.


2.) What do you think are the three most important sex education issues for young teens to understand as fully as possible?  Explain in detail.


3. Imagine you are at a party and you notice a woman you do not know drinking beer after beer and a man who she has met at the party is encouraging her to drink more. He is watching her, touching her, and cheering her on. A little later, you see them off in a corner where he is rubbing against her and trying to kiss her. She is laughing but attempting, without much success, to push him away. Discuss how you think you would react to this situation. What are at least two courses of actions you might take? Explain in detail.


4.) Explain why, in your opinion, paraphilias are much more common in men than in women?  Explain in detail.


 5. Discuss what you feel are the main advantages and disadvantages of a couple’s choosing to live together without getting married?  Explain in detail.  See the section ‘Cohabitation,’ pp. 465-466.


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