Humanities class , a compare/contrast analysis essay

 This is a comparative study paper. You will offer a compare/contrast analysis between Mesopotamian and Ancient Greek civilizations. You are required to explore and compare at least three different distinct aspects of each culture (e.g., social, political, economic, artistic, cultural). 2. Write a 1500-2000 word paper, exploring your topic in an analytical form. This is not a survey paper and you must go beyond describing your subjects and offer analytic interpretation. 3. Use only academically reliable sources for research and discussion. Wikipedia and the dictionary are not accepted as sources. But websites such as The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ( are reliable sources. Cite all your sources! 4. You are required to use minimum of 2 other sources ( books, journals, or online reliable sources), the textbook, and all videos in Modules as your resources. Note: Using other sources DOESN′T mean ″copy-pasting″ from internet into your entire work except images or videos (if applicable). 

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