Incorporate your qualitative research | Human Resource Management homework help

It’s time to write the 2-3-page section of your outline that incorporates your qualitative research. (Note that in some outlines, qualitative research may appear in more than one section – check your outline!) Whatever approach your outline takes, for your qualitative research, you may want to conduct an interview, hold a focus group of your own, or simply observe a particular event, meeting, or environment. To support your own findings, you should then try to include some sample qualitative research others have done. This type of information can be found in your library.

Please include the following information in this “qualitative research” section of your report:

  • Your chosen method(s) of qualitative research.
  • Your hypothesis (echoes your thesis statement)
  • Basic information from any research event(s) (location, time, date, participants, etc.)
  • Your observations from the qualitative research event(s) or report(s)
  • Your interpretations of your observations
  • How this research supports your thesis statement
  • If you refer to library resources, such as journals, books, etc. please include a tentative list of references in proper APA format. (If you do this as you go along, it will be much easier for you to make your Annotated Bibliography and your final References Page in the later stages of your project.)

Submit this section of your report as an attached Word document and then save it in your folder: you will incorporate it later into your completed report.

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