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Research Topic in Information Systems:

Communication technology and innovative applications in today’s business use, such as Teams, Zoom for video conferencing, etc. 


Search the Internet for examples of organizations that have embraced information technology (IT) and have proven successful in the area of communication technology and innovative applications in today’s business. Find a company where this technology is being used and how it benefited the company. Suggested areas for further research of an organization may include its examples of employee workforce, communications, suppliers and partnerships, accountability, and security and risk.

1. Identify one or more of the technologies for in-depth analysis of past, present, and future trends and evolution.

2. Describe the challenges of preparing leadership to manage emerging technologies.

3. Analyze the impact of advanced technologies on the enterprise.

4. Describe the role of internal and external management of demand for technology.

5. Explain the evolving role of the stakeholder in the technological environment—employees, customers, communities.

6. Discuss the role of technologies in the transition from products to services.

7. Develop a strategy to address and mitigate any ethical issues that may arise or develop with the implementation of a technical innovation or disruption.


  • Must have an Introduction and a Conclusion
  • 6 pages. This page count does not include your title or reference pages.
  • At least three outside peer-reviewed sources for reference
  • APA (Ed. 7) uses Times New Roman, 12pt font., double spaced with 1” margins all around.

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