Information security analysts research | Leadership


the research must deal with content from the course. Write this according to the grading rubric provided. The following link is great about how to write a research paper. That said, a few tips: Do not use “I” in a research paper. Your project is about your research, not you. Do not state opinions or try to “fix” something. Simply, tell the reader what the research says, and answer the question “So what?”–what conclusion should your audience draw, based on your research?

Length: 4-7 page body (title page, abstract, references, graphs, etc. do not count), which is a 6 page minimum if you count the separate Title and References pages.

 Cover each bullet point below and write each question before providing your response. 


  • How does the occupation fit your skills and interests?
  • What will you be doing in the occupation?
  • What is the necessary education and/or training?
  • How many jobs are there in the occupation currently?
  • Is the occupation projected to grow, decline, or remain unchanged? Why?
  • How much does this occupation pay? What do the top 10 percent earn? The bottom 10 percent?
  • Traits and Characteristics a leader in this occupation must have
  • Leadership Behaviors, Attitudes, and Styles a leader in this occupation must have
  • How does Charismatic and Transformational Leadership play a role in this occupation?
  • Find someone with a job in the occupation you are interested in, and interview him or her. You should find out:
    • what kind of work the person does
    • what the person likes and dislikes about the job
    • what advice the person would give to someone interested in a career in this field.

After your research assess whether you would pursue a career in the selected occupation. 

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