Instructions answer the following questions by downloading and using



Answer the following questions by downloading and using this Memo Template. Answers can be brief and do not need to be more than a page. If there is a particular issue that you have a question about, please ask it, so feedback can be provided.

Population : Foster children aging out and becoming homeless in NYC
At what population are looking? Why is this population important? How big is the population? What does the population need help with?

Available interventions
What have you found that is available to help this population? Has anything been researched? If so, what has been found?

Evidence for intervention use
Based on your initial review, what do you think may be the best interventions for this population?

Recommendation for intervention
Which intervention would you recommend based on your initial readings?

Single subject design
What ideas do you have about how you would know the intervention is working? What change would you want to see in a client?

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