International business-effect of covid and war on america

In recent years, the world has been affected by two major factors: the COVID-19
Pandemic, and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. One way or another, these two
factors have worldwide implications.
Question: In fifteen to twenty sentences, evaluate the impact of two events,
namely the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, on both
the political and the economic environments. Please focus your evaluation on ONE
of the following powers: the United States, the European Union, Russia, or China.

Also, cite inside your answer (e.g.: Peterson, 2019) two
or more recent articles (no older than 2020) from business periodicals such as
Business Week, Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Wall Street Journal, or any
other relevant popular press (no textbook, academic journal, or Wikipedia). At the
end of your answer, provide complete references of your articles (use any
acceptable reference style if it is complete)

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