Lesson 5 project | Accounting homework help


For this hands-on project, you’ll be creating a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of your choice from one of the following topics. You may only choose one topic, and it must meet all the requirements listed below. You’ll be using most of the tools that you learned throughout this lesson in a real-world scenario. 

Incomplete work will be returned without a score and asked to resubmit immediately. Remember, per the syllabus, that all work must be considered complete in order to pass the course.

You may choose one of the following three topics, then use the requirements below to craft your presentation:

A presentation featuring your Dream Vacation Destination

 If you use any outside sources, such as pictures, text, or quotes, be sure to properly cite using APA style on the last slide of your slide show.  

 Citation, spelling, grammar, and the overall look and feel of your presentation will be evaluated, so be sure to create, edit, and revise before turning in. 

Storyboard Project

Choose your topic from the list presented above. Using the Storyboard template document, map out your presentation, including the main topic of each slide, the layout you will use, and list the types of content that will be included on each slide.

Your presentation should be at least 10 slides long: one title slide, one slide for references at the very end, and eight or more content slides.

Review all the requirements below and include items where applicable in your Storyboard document.

Save your Storyboard as “Lesson05_Storyboard_MEID.docx,” where MEID is your MEID.

 The Storyboard is meant to be a brainstorming document to help you plan out how the presentation will flow and which topics you’ll cover. This Storyboard is not set in stone; it can evolve and change as you decide to add more or less to your final presentation.  

PowerPoint Presentation

Start a New PowerPoint Presentation. Do not use a Template, but start a New Blank Presentation.

Save your file as “Lesson5_Presentation_MEID.pptx,” where MEID is your MEID.

Apply a Theme to the presentation.

Create a Title Slide that features your title, name, MEID, and today’s date.

Create eight content slides.

The first content slide should be an introduction of what you will present.

You must use three different slide layouts.

Each slide must contain text.

You must use one of the following on every slide, and each should be used at least once:

Picture or Clip-Art


On the slide where shapes are used, group the shapes together.

Your content should match your previously created Storyboard document.

Use at least one bullet list.

Use at least one numbered list.

Use font formatting at least once. This can be bolding, underlining, or italicizing text on a slide.

Using the Master Views, edit the Slide Master for your presentation and add a text box shape with your MEID in the lower left corner of every slide. (Be sure to choose an appropriate text color based on your theme and background image.)

Create a References slide as the final slide in your presentation. Any outside material should be cited here using APA format.

Review your presentation and create presenter notes for each slide.

Apply animations to each slide of your presentation.

Apply transitions to each content slide of your presentation.

Preview your presentation in Presentation Mode.

Use the Pen Annotation Tool and make a note on at least one slide.

Review each slide for grammatical and spelling errors.

When you have reviewed your document, save all your changes and create a zip file with your Storyboard document included.

Submit the assignment based on the instructions provided.

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