Lessons learned paper – project management | Project Management | Northeastern University

–  W6 Individual Assignment –  Scope Management Lessons Learned & and Integration Paper

– Task: Review your chosen project scenario from W1, and your team’s work products for W2 and W4.

– Task: Please carefully read the attached W6 individual assignment guidance

– Task: Individually – Create a  Scope Management Lessons Learned and Integration Paper.

– Task: Submit individual assignment to Canvas W6 individual assignment site – Due date – end of the day (6:00 pm ET), Friday – week 6 – LAST DAY OF CLASS

Assignment Format:

– 6 to 8 Pages

– Double line spacing between paragraphs but 1.5 spacing within the paragraph,

– 12-point Times Roman,

– 1-inch margins.

– Please use footnotes or endnotes and citations,

– 12-14-point font, bold headings, and subheadings.

– Please adhere to APA conventions.

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