Lifespan growth and developmt journal article review – submission

 Assignment Content Submission 

You will be selecting ONE journal article on a related topic in this course to read and review from the American Psychological Association. Follow these directions to locate your journal article: 

1. Go to

 2. In the upper right hand corner, you should see a search box. Type in: adolescence. Double check the spelling before hitting “enter” 

3. A list of search results will come up. Go to the left menu bar (Refine your search), scroll down to Document Type, and click on Journal Articles. When the results come up, sort by: Newest First. 

4. Select any journal article from 2017-present that interests you. Please make sure the population of the study is adolescence. 

5. Follow the template given above this section and include the exact headings provided 

The final product will be a 2-3 page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) in APA format reviewing a peer-reviewed research article related to an adolescent development psychology topic. The goal is to become knowledgeable about current research in this area while summarizing key elements of a research study. Use the template given in the module to write your paper *Review the APA Format menu in your course content page for information on paper styles and citations. If you have taken this course previously or completed this capstone assignment in another course you can NOT resubmit your original paper. I do not allow recycled papers for this assignment. I will evaluate your sources if the plagiarism report is over 20% for the written content not including references). Be sure to write in your own words and provide in-text citations and references in APA form 

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