Literature review 3 pages | Education homework help

Please I want a 3-page double space in-text citation literature review from 7 peer review articles, APA style.

Please I want you to write them as 3 ideas: (design). (Time & Habits), (Parental perceptions & green space)

First idea: design




Second idea: Time & Habits



Third idea: Parental perceptions & green space



Please you already write about these 7 articles in annotated biography, it’s just now in-text citation and all together in three pages. try to organize them as they are three ideas.

Also in the files, you will find pictures to help organize the 3 ideas from the 7 articles. and your old work about annotated biography that has the same 7 articles.

Please I want you to weave the grouped articles to develop arguments relevant to the research question. ”  

What is social interaction in Porter Ranch park?”


Please could you do it within 12 hours,

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