Literature search strategy and literature review (3pages)


Literature Search Strategy

After you have introduced the topic or issue, the next section incorporates a search on relevant literature in the field. With a literature search strategy, discuss exactly how you conducted your search of the literature. That is, very specifically, describe your search strategy. What keywords did you use to conduct your search? What databases did you search? What additional methods did you use to uncover relevant articles, books, et cetera? (For example, did you examine the reference section of the articles you located for additional articles?)

A literature search strategy includes:

  • A description of accessed library databases and search engines used
  • A description of key search terms and combinations of search terms (with more detailed search terms located in an appendix if appropriate)
  • A description of the scope of literature review (years searched, types of literature and sources      searched, including seminal and current peer-reviewed)
  • A description of additional search methods in cases where there is limited current research, dissertations,      conference proceedings, etc.

Literature ReviewFollowing your literature search, you present a synthesis of peer-reviewed, scholarly literature in a literature review. In presenting relevant, scholarly literature, you annotate each resource to include pertinent theoretical and empirical findings, methodology, and/or research disparities relating to your topic or issue. A literature review includes:

  • A discussion of relevant theories that form the basis for your literature review
  • A description of major theoretical propositions and/or major hypotheses of those theories
  • A review of the literature that describes studies related to the leadership topic and/or theory of your      choosing
  • A review and synthesis of studies  related to the key independent, dependent, and covariate variables to      produce a description and explanation of what is known about the      variables, what is controversial (i.e., mixed findings by researchers),      and what remains to be studied

  Please use the attached paper to do the lit. review and strategy. All articles are in reference 

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