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Design a complete single-reduction, spur gear-type speed reducer. Specify the two gears, two shafts, four bearings, and a housing. Make detail component drawings for two shafts and the housing and an assembly drawing for the gear box. You can choose any one from the following two for you design:

  • – A small commercial tractor is being designed for chores such as lawn mowing and snow removal. The wheel drive system is to be through a gear pair in which the pinion runs at 600 rpm while the gear, mounted on the hub of the wheel, runs at 170 to 180 rpm. The wheel is 300 mm in diameter. The gasoline engine delivers 3.-kW of power to the gear pair.
  • – A water turbine transmits 75 kW of power to a pair of gears at 4500 rpm. The output of the gear pair must drive an electric power generator at 3600 rpm. The center distance for the gear pair must not exceed 150 mm.

This should be in one write-up and it includes:

  1.  required content and drawings in the description of project above.

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