Making abortion illegal | Education homework help

 Presentation #1: analysis of a problem: This is a speech of 6-8 minutes exploring a current controversial topic and the need for change. Your problem will be phrased as proposition of policy suggesting a change from the current situation. Your goal is to provide background on the controversy and analyze its major issues, focusing on significance, harms and causes. You’ll be advancing a series of fact and value claims in support of your proposition that there is a need for change. You won’t actually argue that change until the solution speech; the problem speech sets up why we should make this change. You’ll be expected to address major opposing arguments. You will also be required to cite your sources and include a typed outline and bibliography of at least six sources due the day you speak. I have uploaded documents on how it should be formatted and how the outline should be. Will need a Work cited page, it can be MLA format. Here are some websites I did some research on, but will need a few more for a work cited page and for more information to be put on the outline polls on americans views on abortion (something to look up as well 

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