Mental health and criminal justice today db

 Selecting one of the five topics, you will be required to submit a 300-word minimum main topic posting. Your initial posting should be analytical, persuasive, or reflective in nature. Keep in mind that you will be choosing a different topic for your Individual Project (IP). Please add your references to the main topic posting (required). You are encouraged to do research on the topic from other resources. 


Topic 1: What’s New in Critical Illness and Injury Science? Mental health and COVID-19: Self-Inflicted and Interpersonal Violence Amid a Pandemic

Papadimos, T. J. (2020). What’s new in critical illness and injury science? Mental health and COVID-19: Self-inflicted and interpersonal violence amid a pandemic. International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury Science, 10(2), 45–48.

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