Mgmt 479 strategic management | Operations Management homework help

The purpose of the Final Paper is to have you assume the role of a new CEO of a public, fictional company. The Paper will demonstrate how you will lead, and create a strategic plan. It should:

  • Discuss the competitive advantage of the company.
  • Identify the strategic management process and the reasons for choosing this methodology.
  • Describe how shareholder value is created.
  • Discuss what types of strategic alliances will be created, and the reasons why.
  • Discuss what will be done (nonfinancial) to motivate and inspire potential employees to work for the company.
  • Discuss how the collection of strategies discussed in the paper sets the company apart from the competition.

This Paper is to be a minimum of 1000 words, and no more than 2000 words. It must adhere to current edition APA style, and at least three outside sources must be cited that support rationale for decisions made. The assignment is to be submitted to this Dropbox, and its due date is TBA by your instructor during the week it is assigned.

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