Mgt – 403 – knowledge management


A. Introduction: 

Ø  Discuss the concept of knowledge management. Why is knowledge management important today? (300-500 Words) 

Ø  Write a detailed paragraph on three generations on knowledge management. (450-750 Words) 

Ø Describe the terms, Data, Information and Knowledge. Discuss two major types of knowledge. Compare the properties of these two major types of knowledge. (400-500 Words) 

B. Knowledge management cycles and Models: 

Ø Discuss in detail Wiig’s KM cycle. How is it different from McElroy’s KM cycle. Write minimum two points of difference. (Minimum 500 words) 

Ø Describe how the major types of knowledge (i.e., tacit and explicit) are transformed in the Nonaka and Takeuchi knowledge spiral model of KM. Use a concrete example to make your point (e.g., a bright idea that occurs to an individual in the organization). 

Ø a. Which transformations would prove to be the most difficult? Why? 

Ø b. Which transformation would prove to be fairly easy? Why? 

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