Mhi-815-informatics for advanced practice | Nursing homework help

Technology is only as effective as the extent to which it is used.  To the healthcare provider, it is a valuable tool.  But are we setting these providers up for burn-out? 

Read the Harris and Hilliard articles and write your response:

1. How would you define EHR or technology-related stress? 

2. How can you overcome this challenge in your APN role?



McBride and Tietze (2022)

∙    Chapter 14:  Privacy and Security

∙    Chapter 15:  Personal Health Records and Patient Portals

Additional resources

∙    Harris, D., Haskell, J., Cooper, E., Crouse, N, and Gardner, R. (2018). Estimating the association between burnout and electronic health record-related stress among advanced practice registered nurses.  EHR-1.related.stress.among.APNs.pdf (ATTACHED)

∙    Hilliard, R., Haskell, J., & Gardner, R. (2020). Are specific elements of electronic health record use associated with clinician burnout more than others?  Available at 

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