Mobile -6 | Computer Science homework help


Question 1:

Read the given paper on Doodle Health: Games as Cultural Probes and answer the following questions

Why it is needed to provide better health information communicating tool for medical

discharge information or instructions for at-home care?

How Cultural Probes would be effective to provide solution for this case.?  

What is Doodle Health?

Question 2: Consider the online learning environment in  elementary school  (ages 6–11).

Due to Covid 19, so many students  from different cultural backgrounds are engaging with remote learning. 

How Cultural Probes would be effective to provide better learning environment for this student age group ?

What would you do if you were tasked to develop a Mobile app to improve remote learning for this age group?

Mobile_Probes_in_Mobile_Learning.pdf Download Mobile_Probes_in_Mobile_Learning.pdf

Doodle_Health_Games_Cultural_Probes.pdf Download Doodle_Health_Games_Cultural_Probes.pdf


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