Module 9 discussion: employment next steps


Context: Networking and interviewing are critical components of the job search and career elevation process; however, they also can be difficult and require practice. One key tool for successful networking and interviewing is a prepared elevator pitch.  As part of your final presentation, you have been asked to integrate a revised 30-second elevator pitch, tailored to the specific opportunity that you want to pursue.  This discussion assignment provides the opportunity for you to share a draft of your revised pitch with peers and receive feedback so that you can refine your final product.

This discussion post also asks you to begin to think about negotiating an employment offer.  While a job offer is an exciting next step, you will want to be prepared to negotiate if appropriate.  In order to do this, you need to have conducted your own research and reflected on your acceptance conversation.  The resources required for this assignment provide guidance on how to negotiate your salary in your next professional opportunity.

Initial Post:  (Due date on syllabus)

  1. Consider the following two resources for guidance in refining your elevator pitch:
    1. Watch: Berger, L. [Lauren Berger]. (2017, December 13). “How To Create Your 30 Second Elevator Pitch” [Video]. Youtube.
    2. Read: NLU Career Bridge Resources “How to Create an Elevator Pitch”
  2. Consider the following two resources for instruction on negotiating your salary:
    1. Read: Shin, L. (2013, June 26). ”New Grads-Here’s How to Negotiate Your Salary.” Forbes. (
    2. Watch: Indeed. (2013, June 26). “How to Negotiate Salary: Asking for More Money After a Job Offer” [Video]. Youtube.
  3. Create an initial discussion post in which you do the following:
    • Post the written text of your 30-second elevator pitch, which you intend to integrate into your final presentation.
    • Answer the following questions:
      • What preparation is required of anyone who is thinking about negotiating their salary?  What advice is provided in the assigned resources that seems important to you?
      • Have you ever negotiated a salary? What concerns or remaining questions do you have about this process?
    • Make sure to integrate at least one assigned resource in your post!

Response Post: (Due date on syllabus)

  • Read your classmates’ posts and select one that resonates with you.
  • Respond to the post with the following:
    • Provide feedback on your classmate’s elevator pitch.  Make sure to comment on whether this pitch fully communicates the student’s unique personality and strengths and whether it is appropriately tailored to a specific opportunity.
    • Respond to your classmate’s discussion of negotiating salary.  What points do they make that you can relate to?  What points do you disagree with? What additional advice do you have for them as they consider this process?

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