Msp432 microcontroller | Computer Science homework help

Any body familair with MSP432 microcontoller (luanchpad) with CCS software?

Lab 1 – Digital Logic Implemented on a Microcontroller


Download, load into CCS, and run these five projects:

GPIO_MSP432asm – Simple output

InputOutput_MSP432asm – More complex with inputs and outputs

Squarewaves_MSP432asm – Output to two pins

SSR_MSP432asm – Output to one pin

Switch_MSP432asm – Simple input from a switch and output to an LED

Watch the related video(s) here


The  general purpose of this lab is to familiarize you with the software  development. You will learn how to perform digital I/O on parallel ports  of the MSP432. Software skills you will learn include port  initialization, logic operations, and unconditional branching.


The basic approach to this lab will be to develop and debug your system on the LaunchPad.

Find  the five example projects listed above. Compile, download and run all  five projects on your LaunchPad and choose the one that best matches the  problem. These four example project codes show the basic template for  the first few labs. Make a copy of one that projects and rename it Lab  1. You will not need global variables in this lab.

Write a  flowchart for this program (see eq.(1)). I expect 5 to 15 symbols in the  flow chart. Put this in Part 3.a of the lab report (see the template  document).

Write pseudo code for this program (see eq.(1)). I  expect 5 to 10 steps in the pseudo code. You may use any syntax you  wish, but the algorithm should be clear. Put this in Part 3.b of the lab  report (see the template document).

You will write assembly code  (see eq.(1)) that inputs from P1.1 and P1.4, and outputs to P1.0. If  eq.(1) is true, then the red LED should be on. Otherwise, the LED should  be off (see this video to see how it should work). Put this in Part 4  of the lab report (see the template document).

P1.0 = (not(P1.1)) and (not(P1.4))



During  the demonstration, you will be asked to run your program to verify  proper operation. You should be able to single step your program and  explain what your program is doing and why. You need to know how to set  and clear breakpoints.  You should know how to visualize Port 1 I/O in  the debugger.

Lab Report

The lab report is how I will grade  you on your labs. Usually, the report is due 1 week following the  completion of the lab. However, do to  unforeseen circumstances, due dates may change. I will try my best to  keep everyone informed of any changes. With this said, it is your  responsibility to turn the report in during the scheduled due

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