My attachment is the 2012 best reports for geico.

Document Preview:

Ultimate Parent: Berkshire Hathaway Inc GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES INSURANCE COMPANY Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States One GEICO Plaza, Washington, District of Columbia, United States 200760001 Web: Report Revision Date: 07/14/2012 BEST’S CREDIT RATINGS Best’s Financial Size Category: XV Tel: 8008413000 AMB#: 002205 Ultimate Parent#: 058334 Fax: 3019863225 NAIC#: 22063 FEIN#: 530075853 Best’s Financial Strength Rating: A++ Outlook: Stable Best’s Issuer Credit Rating: aaa Outlook: Stable Powered by A.M. Best’s Global Insurance Database Page 1 of 17 RATING RATIONALE Rating Rationale: The company is included as part of the Government Employees Group, as it shares all the same management and operational infrastructure with its affiliate group members. In addition, the company’s importance to the group’s overall strategy is demonstrated by its standing as the writer of preferred personal automobile insurance for the government and military populations. The following text is derived from the report of Government Employees Group. The ratings and outlooks reflect Government Employees Group members’ superior riskadjusted capitalization, consistently strong operating performance, brandname recognition and market position as one of the top five personal automobile writers in the United States. These strengths are partially offset by high investment leverage, significant stockholder dividend payments in recent years to its parent company, as well as exposure to potential regulatory issues in several of its larger states. The ratings of newly established companies GEICO Advantage Insurance Company, GEICO Choice Insurance Company, and GEICO Secure Insurance Company reflect the benefits derived from utilizing the same infrastructure, platforms, and personnel of GEICO. As a result, it is expected that the operating performance and riskadjusted capital position of these companies will be commensurate with the other members of GEICO. The group’s continued strong…

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