Need a working and full functional code for the project- “hand

The main objective of this project is to recognize handwritten characters of English alphabets from A to Z using this dataset from the website-

Skill sets required- Python, Datascience, and Machine Learning.

I only need the working code and the output with the following details

1) I will be giving either single or multiple handwritten alphabets in an image(.jpg or .png) format as input and the model should predict the complete output accordingly.

2) I also need a demo of the project so that I can understand, explain and execute the project in front of my professors.

3) The input to the model will be given randomly by the professor and then I need to process the input, execute and show the output to them.

4) The project should be accurate in predicting the alphabets.

5) Using OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technology which recognizes text within a digital image is recommended if possible. If not any other technology used is also fine. But need to recognize the alphabets with accuracy.

6) If any plotting or graphs can be included, that can be really helpful.

Deadline: April 14th, 2023 by end of the day.

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