On-cloud migration | Computer Science homework help

Fintech company that collaborates with law firms and financial institutions to offer investigative solutions. Currently, the company has solutions and applications installed on servers that are located on-premises. Delays occur when new clients or customers need to be onboarded because of on-premises infrastructure. The ability to discover the employees needed to support infrastructure setup is necessary, including software licensing and hardware configuration, which both require several permissions from the information security team. We have opted to migrate to the cloud to cut down on turnaround times for projects and increase productivity. We have found that using cloud solutions enhances the effectiveness of resource deployment and use. Also, the cloud infrastructure makes it simple to integrate analytical solutions on databases.

How does migration to On-Cloud will impact the Fintech firm? Address the potential business or system operations that will be improved following the implementation. Address how this will help operational excellence. Also include a conclusion. I need 2 full pages of content without any extra spacing. 

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