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For this  essay, you will read, summarize, and respond to Karen Alkalay-Gut′s  essay  ″Murder and Marriage: Another Look at Trifles.″Preview the  document  The essay offers and interpretation of Susan Glaspell′s play  ″Trifles.″Preview the document You will need both the essay and the play  in order to write this essay.   Write an essay in which you summarize the critic′s essay and develop  your own response. Keep in mind that your response may agree or  disagree, or some combination of both, but that no matter what course  you decide to take, your response must contribute somehow to the  conversation: it is not enough to say ″yes″ or ″no.″  Your summary must take place at the beginning of the paper, and must  accurately reflect the content of the essay while emphasizing the points  most necessary to your own response.  Your response, whether or agree or disagree, should add to and develop  the conversation between the author′s positions and your own.   Your essay should include quotations and paraphrase from the article  when appropriate, as well as from the primary text (Glaspell′s play).   It should cite both texts appropriately according to MLA style  guidelines, both within the body of your essay and in a works cited  section at the end.    Your paper should be formatted in accordance with MLA style conventions  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.: 12 point, times  new roman font with 1” margins.  (Links to an external site.)Links to an  external site.Your paper should have a distinct thesis and use specific  textual evidence from your chosen text to support that thesis. It  should not simply summarize or paraphrase: your focus here is analysis.   required length: 1200 words   This assignment should be composed of your own original work.  Plagiarism: the presentation of another′s words, in paraphrase or direct  quotation without citation, is not allowed. Please see the syllabus to  review the course policy on plagiarism, and please, if you have any  questions: ASK ME. When in doubt, always cite your sources. Always.  The following content is partner provided

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