Political ideas or the industrial revolution

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Discussion Topic: Which changed the world more, the political ideas or the Industrial Revolution

Chapters 28 and 29 dealt with the new political philosophies and the rise of the Industrial Revolution. Specifically, it dealt with how Western Europe and the United States were changed by these events. On the other hand, Chapter 31 reviewed the weaknesses found within China, the Ottoman Empire and Russia. These traditional powers unsuccessfully attempted political transformations and lagged far behind in Industrializing their economic infrastructure.

Scholars argue which development was more important for changing the world -the political ideals associated with the Revolutions, of the economic changes the Industrial Revolution, bought to the world. Using one example from the readings, which changed the world more, the political ideas or the Industrial Revolution?  For example, did the ideas of popular sovereignty prove more significant than say the innovation of steam-powered boats?  In short, I am asking to answer is it ideas or things that change the world? 

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