Postmodern perspective of google culture – 3000 words, i already have

Hello, I’m writing the essay about Google culture through a postmodern lens, particularly focusing on how culture influence employees 

Section 1 is done so please start writing from a second point


2)  A brief section justifying your choice of theoretical perspective: either the symbolic or the contemporary and how this impacts on your writing approach [20%]    why this theme, why this perspective, make sure that you use literature links to your perspective   

 3)  A critical literature review on the one theme that you consider to have the greatest importance for that organisation, using either the symbolic or the contemporary theoretical perspective as your context [20%] 

Definition of the perspective, what arguments strengthen your choice. Underpinning the discussion on the topic. 

4)  Critical evaluation of the practices/behaviours of the case organisation in relation to the selected theme through critical application of the reviewed theories [30%] 

 in relation to the theme, but also it’s an application to the company. Literature arguments in relation to the organisation that we have chosen. Balanced reasoning, it’s not one-sided, linking together the behaviour of the case organisation   Just 2 examples from google practices

5)  Conclusions [10%] 

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