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When people talk about the value of criminological theory in the criminal justice system, theory guides the development of policy and programs allowing for the prevention of crime, improvement in public safety, and programs and policy to reduce recidivism. Criminological theory, even those earliest of theories, have come to influence society. However, as your readings highlight, one of the pressing challenges is that for many people, theory is abstract—it is all academic. Therefore, it is important that you learn what theory looks like in practice.

Using your reading assignments, intellipath® lessons, and other resources, create an 11-slide presentation that visually describes theory. For example:

  • What does social disorganization look like?
  • What does broken windows look like?
  • What does routine activities theory look like?

Your task is to explain your selected criminological theory through a visual presentation.

The specific steps to build your presentation are as follows:

  1. Create an introductory slide that explains what criminology is in general and what criminological theory represents.
  2. Select 3 of following the theories covered in your readings to cover in the body of your presentation:
    • Social ecology
    • Critical criminology
    • Social disorganization
    • Strain theory
    • Rational choice
    • Routine activities
    • Neutralization
    • Broken windows
  3. For each selected theory, create:
    • 1 slide that gives a summary of the theory
    • 1 slide with an image representing the theory
    • 1 slide with an explanation of why the image represents some aspect of the theory.
  4. Create a conclusion slide highlighting the value of criminological theory in reducing crime.
  5. Create a reference slide with no fewer than 4 scholarly resources.

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