President obama vs president trump cybersecurity strategy


President Obama vs President Trump Cybersecurity Strategy

President Obama’s 2009 Cybersecurity Strategy versus President Trump’s 2017 Cybersecurity Strategy

1. Introduction

2. Background and Overview of Cybersecurity strategy

3. Cyber crime becoming A Critical National and Global Threat.

4. Overview of President Obama’s overall Cybersecurity Strategy during his term.

5. Overview of President Trump’s Cybersecurity strategy during his term.

6. President Obama’s 2009 Cybersecurity strategy to combat cyber crime

7. President Trump’s 2017 Cybersecurity strategy to combat cyber crime

8. Differences and Similarities between the 2009 and 2017 Cybersecurity Strategy

9.  Conclusion and Biblical worldview, An ethics-based analysis and/or a worldview analysis

Requirements are outlined as follows:

•  twelve * full body p*ges not including the title p*ge, abstract and references listed. No table of contents is required.

• You should have least 10 total reference/sources plus the Bible  and/or worldview reference (as appropriate). Six (6) of the 10 sources  should be scholarly references/sources.

• The AP*A required introduction*, *conclusi*on* sections and subject headings are expected.

• An ethics-based analysis and/or a worldview analysis should be  integrated in the paper, a separate section or it can be both  (preferred) depending on the nature of the topic.

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