Prison education discussion 7 | Criminal homework help

In 1994, Bill Clinton signed a law that placed a ban on people in state and federal prisons from receiving Pell Grants.   President Obama authorized an experimental program to allow certain  colleges to apply on behalf of individuals in prison for Pell  Grants and attend college courses while incarcerated.  Trump continued  the program.  On December 21, 2020 Congress moved to lift the  long-standing ban on federal student aid – specifically, the Pell grant  – for those who are incarcerated. See the article below:

    Congress lifts long-standing ban on Pell grants to people in prison For  the first time since 1994, incarcerated individuals can get federal aid  to pay for college. A prison education scholar explains how higher  education helps those who have run afoul of the law. PBS NewsHour   

  • If you were a lawmaker would you have supported this law? 
  • Provide three reasons to support your opinion. 
  • Use research and empirical data to support your opinion.

Remember  your post must be at least 300 words and you must reply to at least one  classmate’s post with a 100 word reply. You will not be able to see  your classmate’s posts until you post your original response.  Make sure  your reply is completely different than your main post.priso

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