Professional communication project part 4

My Career field is Network Systems Administration. I’m still in school for it, But I’ve been fixing computers for friends and family for over a decade. All Project Parts will be uploaded in a .rar file below.  This is an EASY assignment.


Project Part 4 is a compilation of Project Parts 1, 2,

and 3 with an addition of one new document that

showcases your skills in a particular field.

Project Part 4 Details:


To complete this assessment:


1. Gather Project Parts 1, 2, and 3 (selfmarketing

plan, résumé, and cover letter)

and edit and revise them based on

instructor comments.

Note: Although you wrote two résumés and

three cover letters for these project parts,

you should only include one résumé and

one cover letter. Choose the résumé and

cover letter that best showcase your skills

and abilities and are most relevant to your

job search.


2. Then, include a sample of your work in

your field. For example, if you are a nurse,

you could describe some of your skills,

certifications, and experience in more detail.

If you are a teacher, you could provide a 

project lesson plan. If you are in law

enforcement, you could describe your

certifications, personal outlook on law

enforcement, and other relevant

information. Use something that will quickly

give a future employer an example of what

you bring to a particular job.

Note: Although many people write up this

last part of this project as a Word

document, you can also use other formats

(PowerPoint, videos, etc.) if you would like.

Please consult with your instructor if you

would like to include a non-traditional

format that can’t be done in a Word

document to showcase your work. 


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