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Define your research topic. Prepare a 100-150 word paragraph the gives the rationale for why you think this is an important topic and how you intend to go about researching it. Cite at least two references for material supporting your response. Note, you need to have the approval and concurrence from your professor to move forward with the selected organization for the Course Project deliverables 2,3, and 4, as noted below. 

  • Deliverable 1: Course Project Topic (Due in Week #2 –  25 PTS) 
  • Deliverable 2: Outline of the Research Project (Due in Week #4 – 25 PTS)
  • Deliverable 3: Bibliography (Due in Week #5 – 25 PTS)
  • Deliverable 4: Strategic Plan (Due in Week #8 – 125 PTS)

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