Proposal essay over a problem in oklahoma

Proposal Argument Assignment Sheet (1500-1700 words or 6-7 pages)

During the course of the semester, you have presented your opinion, defined key terms, and evaluated important legislation or policies. You have completed all of the preparation for making recommendations for change. The last essay asks you to propose change. Choose a problem important to you and propose a solution. Your purpose here is to spend more time delineating the solution and how it will work. Do not spend so much time on the problem that the solution takes a back seat.

Here is an example. Homelessness in Oklahoma City is a problem. It would be easy to spend many pages talking about the terrible things that come with the problem of homelessness in OKC. However, you can sum up the problem in a couple of pages and spend more time talking about what you want to do about it. It doesn’t take much critical thinking to “report” on a problem. The critical thinking comes into play when you figure out a solution and tell me how it’s going to work. In a 6 page paper, you shouldn’t spend more than 1 1⁄2 pages on the problem at the most. The remainder should be spent on the solution because solutions are usually multifaceted, and there are many elements to consider.

Criteria for your essay:

  •   Essay includes a well-defined and interesting introduction.

  •   Essay includes a properly formatted proposal thesis.

  •   Essay includes material for required elements of the proposal argument.

  •   Body paragraphs include specific details and concrete examples.

  •   Essay includes a paragraph acknowledging the opposition and refuting the opposition.

  •   Essay includes an effective conclusion that wraps up the discussion without repeating the

    essay’s main points word for word.

  •   Essay employs language effectively and strives to communicate persuasively.

  •   Essay draws on a variety of sources including Internet, print, and database resources,

    includes proper parenthetical citations, and includes a properly formatted page of Works


  •   Essay draws in minimum of six sources of three different types. 

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