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Appreciative inquiry is reinforcing change with positive messages and focusing on learning from the success. If I wanted to change leadership in our nursing staff at the office, we will use the four-step process:

  • Discovery – in this step we look at the best that exist in the organization, is about discovering the qualities of the group. In our case we wanted to develop those nurses with high skills and give them a position where they can use those skill. Create level 1, 2, and 3, three being the highest position.
  • Dream – Next is reflecting on what would it looked like if this position was creates. Level three nurses will lead in their department, they will be able to train the new personnel, solve problems and assist the manager when they are not in the office.
  • Design – this is the stage where the action plan becomes a reality.  Interview the nurses that the manager has selected as the qualified ones to occupy that position. We started the interview process to select those nurses that can perform and have the skill set.
  • Destiny – In this stage we translate the ideas into concrete actions.  In our case, we are still in the process of hiring the nurses and put this into practice.  The final goal is to have these nurses take over and have initiative to manage the office and train the new personnel.  These nurses will go to extensive training to make sure they are prepared to perform in their new position.

            By using Creativity which is the creation of ideas that are both novel and useful for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization (Daft, 2016, p. 474). By encouraging employees to be creative and taking risks and utilizing and developing employees’ ideas without interfering from company policies and bureaucracy.  It is important to promote collaboration, one of the greatest things about promoting our nurses by steps is that they get to work in all of our different departments, family, pediatrics, women’s health, dental, behavioral health, by working in collaboration with other specialties not only they are expanding their knowledge, but they also have the opportunity to share what is working well in other departments or what things we can change to make it work better, this process is called brainstorming.  People come together to share ideas without criticism (all ideas are welcome), by expressing all ideas that come to mind (freewheeling) generating as many ideas as possible (quantity desired).

Write a 200 words Reflection on this work? (write it in first person) 

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