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The topic I want to prepare a research proposal on would be depression, anxiety, and suicide rates among college students. There is already a lot of research on this topic, but I want to look more into it. Mental health among university students represents an important and growing public health concern for which epidemiological data are needed. I would add to the research that tells us 15.6% of undergraduate students and 13.0% of graduate students show depressive symptoms and anxiety (Eisenburg, et al., 2010). I would investigate how social media accounts add to these e rising rates of suicide, depression, and anxiety in college students. Some things to consider are that schools are remarkably diverse so there might be a lot of different data among different ethnic groups. I should also consider that since I am a college student myself with anxiety, and I cannot put my own biases and thoughts into my research. I should also take into consideration that not every person has these things in college or feel embarrassed to admit it, so data might be false or might not make sense. 

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