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 Within subject design are used during an experiment by exposing each participant to more than one part of experiment (Myers & Hansen, 2012). It is used when a researcher wants to test for multiple factors. Between subject design uses different participants for each part of the experiment (Myers & Hansen, 2012). This design is used when a researcher to test multiple factors at once and it normally allows the study to be ran in less time. Large N designs are widely used for experiments when testing a number of subjects because it uses participants for each condition and cross-examining groups. This design is used for a larger group of people (Myers & Hanson, 2012). While Small n designs are used when tests a single subject or a couple of subjects (Myers & Hansen, 2012). Use of Large N design is useful for finding trends because it uses data collected from many subjects. Small n design can take place over the course of many years and the participants are often tested multiple times a year (Myers & Hanson, 2012). Within subject designs are useful when studies want to test a lot of people in a short period of time. Large N designs are chosen when a need to generalization. 

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